phpLD Products

phpLD, also known as PHP Link Directory was first created in about 2005 as a tool to create directories by NetCreated. It then became a popular product among SEO professionals, as there was a time period in which links from directories were effective in improving Google rankings. There was steady release of products from 2005 onward including NewsTopica which later was called phpLD News, phpLD Article, phpLD Bidding Directory, PHP dictionary, Link Blocks, and many more.

NetCreated went on to create many other software products under new branding including Dance Studio Manager, Pole Studio Manager, Travel Sports Pro, and Friends Together.

phpLD Installation

If you need to install phpLD, there is a video that might come in handy. In the video, we use FileZilla, which has long been a favorite free FTP client. Nowadays, cPanel’s File Manager is also a logical choice, as you can upload and unzip quite easily. Here is a video that walks you through installing phpLD:

5 Letter Domain

Long ago when I started PHP Link Directory, I also acquired this domain, At times I used it for testing, and even developed some great tools, such a Script Admin, where I can with the click of a button create a new instance of a web app. That script is still in use today in lots of places. But somewhere along the way, I forgot about this domain. Oh, no! Well, these days it seems WordPress is pretty secure, and it automatically updates, so I can mostly “set it and forget”, though I hope I don’t forget, and find some good things to do on this domain too. After all, it is a five letter domain, and those aren’t easy to come by these days (especially .com).